Therapy reports from some people using sound sessions

Here are therapy reports from a limited period of time from people who did one or more sound sessions with PRIMUSONA sound therapy.
The majority of these people bought a sound lounger or a sound chair for themselves and/or their company out of conviction.

These opinions are given with no obligation to buy.

PRIMUSONA vibrations to increase well-being.

on December 22, 2021 by Dr. Stephan Leser

Dr. Stephan Leser

En mi consulta de naturopatía ortopédica, la terapia de sonido es una gran parte de los tratamientos. Fue particularmente útil en el caso de cuadros clínicos en los que otros métodos de terapia no habían ayudado mucho (por ejemplo, edema óseo = „hematoma óseo“). Estoy feliz de tener esta forma de terapia en mi repertorio de tratamiento.

on April 27th by Elly

An experience

I too was able to experience the beneficial transmission of vibrations. The baby corner shell was particularly good for me, I felt much better afterwards and I can really recommend it.

on April 18, 2021 by Simone


In November 2020 I visited Pius Vögel in his frequency workshop and was able to experience a sample sound session. I still felt the effect of this trial session as a slight vibration in my body for a few days and found it very pleasant and invigorating. I can well imagine how positively health can be influenced in the long term by the healing vibrations. Even if I have „only“ had the pleasure of a trial session so far, I can highly recommend a visit to Pius. With his wide-ranging knowledge, many years of experience and warm, down-to-earth manner, he was able to help me in the best possible way. Thanks very much!

on March 11, 2021 by Eva Duschl

Wonderful sound lounger

I went to Pius Vögel for the first time about 3 years ago and was allowed to try out his sound lounger. It was fascinating to learn that a clay can bring relief to my knee problem so quickly. I was immediately convinced of the effectiveness of the device and afterwards I found the very nice and informative discussions in person or on the phone wonderful. Since the first encounter I had the idea of ​​buying the sound therapy device myself, which I was able to do in December 2020. Since then, I’ve used it myself when I’m stressed or tense, and I’ve noticed how quickly the harmony spreads through the tone. I also use the sound lounger prophylactically to prevent various complaints. I regularly offer free trial sessions in my practice. Those who have tried the lounger also report very beneficial deep relaxation and a sense of relief and inner peace. Thank you dear Pius for your wonderful invention!

on 2/8/2021 by Christopher

Lively time in the Allgäu

After I came across Pius and his sound couches online, I visited him a short time later for a trial session. Already at the first session I felt inner relaxation and harmony. The following day, with the second session, was also surprisingly effective. I’ve been fine for 2 months now! Above all spirit and mind are in harmony.

on October 7th, 2020 by Sybille Reith

An experience

On September 30th, 2020 I was in the recording studio of Pius Vögel. The sound loungers are a special treat. With Pius Vögel, the inventor, I went listening to find out the right sound for my imbalance (health problems). Thank you for the health impulse.

on 9/11 by Hans Christian Hinne

Relaxed therapy

Experiencing the sound loungers is a real pleasure. Pius Vögel has gained extensive experience in sound therapy over several decades. He knows vibrations that resonate with the corresponding organ (systems) and knows how to use them therapeutically. The sound experience is relaxing and noticeably healing. Even today, one day after the vibration bath, the effect can be felt. Thank you for the special trip. Kind regards, Hans Christian Hinne

on 6/10/2020 by Gilbert Samata Stein

Fascinating sound therapy

Once again on vacation in Oberstaufen, we naturally visit Pius Vögel. A few years ago we bought a sound lounger from him and are absolutely convinced users of sound therapy. This has also become an integral part of our own practice in Neuwied „Sound-Vibration-Harmony“. Many of our clients are very impressed and sometimes moved to tears when they experience the application and keep coming back. Pius introduced us to the special kind of water swinger and we were allowed to take it with us and try it out in 1 week. Clear verdict: worth buying and its effect is impressive. For example, we inspired the 2018 Pinot Gris vintage. It tasted much rounder and there was no „fat head“ the next morning. Also still water, rice cakes, apples, crispbread, everything swings. It felt tastier and more nutritious, and we enjoyed the food and felt more energetic. An amazing development! It’s nice to have such a far-sighted thinker among us, who has been researching sound therapy and health for decades thanks to his constant curiosity and has created great health-promoting inventions. Just great !

on 8.6. by Ulrike Stoeckle

Sound session

Did a sound session at PRIMUSONA in Oberstaufen today. A huge success, all health problems are gone. Thank you for the wonderful care.

on May 24th, 2020 by Anita and Klaus

Fascinating results with healing sounds

My brother had made me very curious about the Primasona sound lounger by Pius Vögel. So in January 2020 we went on a short vacation to Oberstaufen for several days with an intensive healing sound experience. I just had acute problems: the left lower back had become so painful for a short time that I could hardly get out of the car when I arrived in the evening. Already at this first session I felt an improvement, although Pius said that one cannot count on it so ad hoc now. In fact, the next morning after getting up, the pain was completely eliminated by the sound treatment. I absolutely loved it. My right shoulder was also giving me problems, so I couldn’t carry a backpack. At the end of the four days with 6 Klangliege sessions, this topic was also a thing of the past. In addition to the fascinating healing effect, the inventor of this sound lounger is also impressive: a very warm, loving person who is willing to pass on the knowledge he has researched over decades. One is amazed at how many details he has in store for a question. Thank you dear Pius – we keep recommending you to acquaintances, friends and relatives. Anita and Klaus

on 11/3/2019 by SYBILLE


I was at Pius Vögel for the fourth time. The tones put my body in a state of deep relaxation. Valuable impulses, impressed by Pius‘ insights, complete the visit. THANK YOU, I’ll be back. Sybille

on April 3rd by Sanarah and Saron Dengler of Radio Lotus Flower

Sound therapy with healing vibrations

We were at Pius Vogel’s and got to know sound therapy with great interest. Over several days we were able to experience the sounds and vibrations and are more than just enthusiastic. Pius Vögel has developed something wonderful with his Primusona sound therapy. The body absorbs the vibrations immediately and Pius Vögel immediately knows the right frequency for every ailment and ailment. We took a sound lounger with us and wouldn’t want to be without it again. Furthermore, you can also swing food and drinks. To do this, I simply place a tray with appropriate food and drinks on the sound lounger and let the energy of the vibration work. Everyone should experience it for themselves, because for us there is nothing better than our sound lounger from Pius Vögel. Even our cat uses these vibrations and always jumps on my stomach during a sound session. A big thank you to Pius Vögel for this ingenious invention.

from 28.02. by C Hintzen

Sound therapy

With a lot of curiosity and great interest, I went to see Mr. Vögel, who informed me in detail and in an exciting way about the sound therapy he had developed, and brought me closer to it. As soon as you lie on the clay lounger and the tones begin to be felt and heard, it feels „mentally“ more and more calm. Depending on the intensity, the tones can be perceived more or less by the body. Starting with the buttocks, the tones spread more and more throughout the body. Since I am an alternative practitioner for psychotherapy, Mr. Vögel’s sound therapy can be very supportive for many symptoms. Be it psychosomatic or psychotherapeutic. I am absolutely convinced and “done”. Thanks very much!

on 9.12. by Daniela Aregger, Serenum Sound Waves, CH

Combination of sound and color

As a sound therapist in training as a color therapist, I was looking for a way to combine sound and color. After half a year of experimenting, I can say that the simultaneous combination of vibration, sound and a tripod colored lamp or colored glasses is simply brilliant. You can relax very quickly and at the same time wallow in the appropriate or other therapeutic application color. The smallest complaints disappear immediately, others take longer. After the application you feel really relaxed. I use a millet chaff pillow to feel the vibration on my head as well. This lets the sound through best. Many thanks Mr. Vögel for this ingenious tool!

on October 19th, 2018 by Renate Merz

Sound therapy

I’ve known Pius since he invented sound therapy and I was amazed at the energy with which he developed this great therapy chair for the benefit of patients. Music and sound vibrations accompany all people on this globe from the beginning of evolution !!! Dear Pius, I wish you continued success.

on 9/23/2018 by Samata

Musician encounters more healing vibrations

First of all: excellent. Very relaxing and healing effect on all bodily functions. And without any side effects. I got to know and appreciate Pius through an acquaintance. Like me, he is a music lover and we got along very well. Even in my time as a church musician I enjoyed the vibrations in the church room from the deep 16 or 32 foot pipes up to the highest frequencies and they were a balm for the soul and the body. This sound and vibration experience can also be felt with the grand piano. And now the culmination by Pius Vögel, the combination of vibrations and transmission to the body in a relaxing position, the sound lounger. Brilliant inventions are always a little creative moment, a step further than the mind can go, only enthusiasm for something. And this is noticeable in the inventor, who has been dealing with these vibrations his whole life and which is why this mature invention came into being. I can only confirm that the sound lounger is an effective supplementary therapy for all mental and physical concerns. It supports the harmonization and balancing of the missing vibrations in the body and helps to harmonize the energy body again. As with many alternative healing methods, you have to be patient and repeat the application over a longer period of time. But it’s worth it. Thank you, dear Pius Vögel, for this ingenious invention!

on July 3rd, 2018 by Martin (Physioth., HP)

The complex cell structure loves music

Our human body is a complex structure made up of trillions of specialized cells. And not only our sense of hearing, or what we feel when listening to music, “does it good” when we listen to the sounds that suit us. On Pius‘ sound lounger and sound chair we can even feel the effect of the „healing music“ while we rest and relax – wrapped in harmonious tones or music. It is a special kind of experience. Our being and our body loves music and it makes it much easier to regenerate. An enrichment for therapy and wellness.

on 1/20/2018 by Dagmar

Wonderful healing sounds

I got to know Pius and his sound loungers in August 2017. I was so impressed and excited that I encouraged several fellow spa guests to get an impression there as well. Two of them have already given their positive comments here. I can only agree. For me, the moments on the sound lounger are always a great blessing. I can completely surrender to the vibrations and feel deeply touched in my soul and “healed” in the most beautiful sense of the word. I am very impressed by the concept and, in addition to his incredible competence in so many areas, Pius is also a very kind person. And even if the sound therapy doesn’t work, it’s worth going to Pius just to experience the 20-minute sessions. For me they are like an extra day of vacation. When I was in Oberstaufen again at the beginning of 2018, my partner was also immediately convinced, and so we decided to buy a lounger. We’re both really looking forward to it. Thank you for everything, Pius, and see you soon in Oberstaufen!

on January 8th, 2018 by C.May-Baumgarten

Sound therapy with the sound chair

I have had a Pius Vögel sound chair for a few weeks and before that I had the pleasure of enjoying the Primusona sound lounger several times with a dear friend. It is a very unusual and wonderful form of treatment. The vibration of the oscillations are such a great benefit for the body that it shows it to you with well-being and healing. Together with Pius Vögel, I have also combined the sound chair with the foot swing and it is a very intensive sound experience for body and soul. My husband suffers from Parkinson’s disease and its after-effects – he uses the combination of sound chair and foot sound board regularly and the participants in our Parkinson’s self-help group are also happy to come and report some spectacular results. The extremely severe tremor in the right arm of one patient went away completely during the session. For myself, I enjoy the greatest freedom from pain in my knees and the better blood circulation in my legs. There is the right tone for almost every symptom and a noticeable relief. Pius Vögel offers very competent and loving support for all questions – whether health-related or technical. I am enthusiastic about the sound therapy according to Pius Vögel and would like to bring it closer to people here in my environment. I have been familiar with alternative healing methods for 30 years and work with people with them – this sound therapy according to Pius Vogel is a further enrichment in my repertoire and a blessing for mankind. A big THANK YOU to the inventor Pius

on November 18th, 2017 by Dr. Hans Jürgen Budde

Dear Sir or Madam

During my last spa stay in Oberstaufen in the „Hotel Königshof – Health & View“ (formerly: Landhaus Dr. Hesseln) in the period from 20.08. – 03.09.2017, in addition to the applications that Dr. Neuy to alleviate my symptoms after a spinal canal operation, still underwent a 10-day sound therapeutic sound treatment at Mr. Pius Vögel (Weißachstrasse 19 b). what also from Mrs. Dr. Neuy was accepted. At Mr. Vögel’s request, I am happy to inform you that these treatments – during the treatment period – gave me clearly noticeable relief when running and climbing mountains. Unfortunately, I did not have the time to do these sound therapy sessions more often, which, according to Mr. Vögel, would have been necessary to achieve a lasting, long-lasting effect. Overall, however, based on my experiences, I rate the “PrimaSona G 2000” sound therapy developed by Mr. Vögel as very positive with regard to its therapeutic effects, so I would be pleased if you, as the responsible and decision-maker in this regard, would consider and examine it could do about whether this concept could not also be recommended as a „Oberstaufen spa treatment“. I would be happy to hear from you again and, as a long-standing „Oberstaufen spa guest“, I send my best regards, yours Hans-Jürgen Budde

on November 10, 2017 by H. Vogel

Optimal therapy supplement

I was very fortunate that I was able to take advantage of applications on the sound lounger very close to where I live. My symptoms caused by Parkinson’s disease have improved noticeably with just one application per week. After each application, I was significantly more mobile, which made it easier for me to walk, I’ve been able to sleep better since then, and I feel relaxed and fit. These positive effects on my state of health were so convincing for me that I also bought a sound lounger 8 weeks ago. My enthusiasm for this form of treatment has remained. The sound lounger is also very popular with my family and friends, everything that has been treated so far has changed positively. I am very happy that I own a sound lounger. It is a good addition to my therapies and has given me a noticeable improvement in my symptoms.

on September 16, 2017 by Beate Giesen

The Miraculous Sound Therapy

My experiences with the sound lounger are unique for me. Two years ago I went to the trial session on the recommendation of a friend and went there several times because it’s just good. I have owned the lounger myself since February 2016 and use it every day. My cold thyroid nodules, one over 1cm in size, were gone after 2 months to the doctors surprise and much more. Since May last year, I’ve felt inner happiness as soon as I’m lying on the lounger. It’s such an incredibly beautiful feeling that it’s downright addictive. For me it was the most valuable purchase I could have made for myself. When I’m on vacation in Oberstaufen twice a year, I go to Pius‘ sound lounger every day, and I’m also very grateful to him for this service. I wish many people that they are worth it. Thank you dear Pius

on August 29th, 2017 by Dr. Christian Schneider

The world vibrates

Out of curiosity, we went to Pius‘ recording studio. Curiosity turned into fascination – the sound loungers are an experience and the effect is fascinating! Pius knows the right frequency for every “little zipper”. Back pain disappears, lymphatic congestion dissolves and my wife was even able to go to the toilet after almost 2 weeks for the first time after the sound. We are flashed

on April 5, 2017 by B. Weck

Sound therapy

An acquaintance called me and said she had an incipient bladder infection. Question? Can you help me? She came by and after two sound therapy sessions was freed from her incipient bladder infection. That’s how I like to work. I never want to be without the sound therapy chair again. He’s just fantastic. You can achieve so much with little. Thank you Pius.

on 2/19/2017 by D. Bistreck

Beneficial frequencies, finally something that helps me

I have already tried many things because of my illness (Parkinson’s disease). The sound therapy Primusona by Mr. Pius Vögel is the first therapy in which I not only experience a beneficial relaxation but also a real change in the symptoms. At first I was a little skeptical as to whether treatment with vibrations could eliminate or at least reduce health problems. My doubts were quickly dispelled, after the first treatment I felt a noticeable improvement. It’s just amazing what these special vibrations can do. After only 8 treatments on the couch, I felt better than I had in a long time. In order to continue the treatment at home, I bought a Primusona couch. I use them daily and my neurologist is amazed at the improvements these uses bring me. The sound lounger is also used by my circle of friends and acquaintances and there have been significant improvements, e. g. a friend had tennis elbow syndrome, which disappeared completely after a few uses. I’m glad that I got to know this therapy and thank Mr. Pius Vögel for this unique ingenious invention. I can only recommend anyone who has health problems of any kind to try this wonderful therapy. You will be surprised……

on February 16, 2017 by Anni Riedl


Pius Vogel’s sound therapy is a novelty for the benefit of mankind. Targeted vibrations are needed to strengthen and heal the entire organism.

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